WANSLU SHOP helps you deliver your packages

Steps 1

Select Product

In Wholesale and Retail Module,You can search for the product you want in two ways:

1.Enter the product in the search bar Keywords 。

2. Search with pictures ( The most effective way )

Steps 2

Place an order

Select the size of the item 、 Color 、 Version 、 Quantity, etc. Add to the shopping cart and submit the order

On the Confirm order page,If you want to choose the photo or unpacking service,You can tick,then submit。


1International logistics has postage restrictions for some products。Please pay attention to usage restrictions and Risk information,Careful decision

2. There is a minimum purchase quantity limit for wholesale products。Please pay attention to the initial batch quantity when purchasing

Steps 3

Paying the commodity fee

After the online customer reviews your order,Please wait for payment Part , Click “ Payment ”

  • Support multiple currencies and payment methods
Steps 4

Wanslu Shop Purchase

Wanslu Shop  The buyer will place an order for you

After you pay ,The order request will be processed by Wanslu ShopMall Platform Buyer。

Steps 5

Wanslu ShopInspection and Warehousing

Receipt Inspection,Verify Package Weight and Volume

After Warehousing You can select the package information you want to send overseas and submit the waybill ; or continue to purchase the goods and submit them to overseas together after warehousing !

  • When receiving the goods and warehousing , We carry out strict and professional inspections ,Take photos of the product for your viewing,If there is a problem, we will give you feedback and assist you in solving it
Steps 6

Submit a waybill

On the order form page,Click“Transaction status”,Select“ Submit the waybill”。It seems that all the goods you purchased have arrived at our warehouse and are ready to be sent abroad。Then click“Select all”,Click“Submit the waybill”。

On the Submit the waybill page ,You can see the weight and volume of the product

And in the same page,Please select your address,If you can't find the address in the system,Please contact us,We will add it for you。 After filling in your address information and selecting the international logistics method,you can tick the position in the lower right corner,choose additional services。

steps 7

choose the address to pay the freight

on the “my waybill” page ,Find the product you want to pay for the waybill,Click “Pay”,Complete the payment process。

Steps 8

Wanslu Shop Warehouse Delivery

Commodity Combination Packaging 、 Weighing 、 Reinforcement 、 Photo Delivery

  • Shipping in International Packages During the process , the probability of accidents is very small , such as Wanslu Shop uncontrollable and avoidable service quality and accidents of third-party logistics providers and customs of various countries , such as time delays 、 tax collection 、 damage 、 fines 、 losses Waiting 。 but under the service concept of customer first ,Wanslu Shop will be based on the situation of each line 、 country 、 region Reminder in advance , and assist you to deal with the problem 。

Steps 9

Waiting for receipt & Signing

You can check the international logistics track information in My Waybill in the Member Center

  • After signing, there will be points to send , Points Can upgrade membership level and redeem coupons!

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